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Stay ahead of the curve with Glancing! Providing all the tools and expertise for the next generation of TV, film, multimedia and online providers and distributors of content. Deliver rich video/audio content on narrow band. Experience dramatic equipment and capability cost reductions.

The U.S. Government has mandated that every broadcaster must offer "high definition television signals"- HDTV- by 2006. Glancing has responded with:
A fully integrated video streaming/audio conference suite of tools
16 Billion True Colors
30 Frames per second
CD quality streaming digital audio
Up to 1,000 users per feed!

“Glancing Effect’s” new dynamic content programming capabilities (with server-side play list support) enables real-time ad insertion and when combined with Fast Stream, delivers the premier user experience for ad-driven streaming media business models. "Glancing Effect’s" advances in compression technology help lower bandwidth costs. With twice the server scalability compared with the previous version, “Glancing Effect” answers the call for a cost-effective platform that can be used to build a profitable streaming business, or to use streaming to reduce costs of high quality enterprise communication.

In addition, Glacincing provides:
VGA-quality Streaming Video Built-in
Automatic Gain & White Balance Controls
Fast Streaming delivers an "instant-on, always-on" streaming experience for broadband users (and no buffer delays!)
Fast Streaming also automatically optimizes the delivery of streaming audio and video to take advantage of the full bandwidth available to the user, which vastly reduces or eliminates the impact of congestion on the Web for broadband users.

Introducing the ability to provide HDTV-like video quality at file sizes half that of today’s DVDs, for local playback on the PC. Glancing provides the first codec to enable Web-based delivery of 6-channel surround sound with full-spectrum, full resolution audio (24 bit / 96 kHz sampling).

TAKE A LOOK at Glancing and experienceo an integrated, truly MultiActive Content Platform with real-time, one-to-one marketing capability that drives responses and online sales to be utilized for web content programming.