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Real-time voice/video communication ACHIEVES the classroom experience.

Finally! Clear video that doesn’t look like a broadcast from the moon—and you can understand what’s being said! Glancing introduces its educational products for a complete online education.

Whether it is in the university or in the office, online courses are growing exponentially. Students need to connect and comprehend the content quickly and easily. Glancing brings the clean connection.

Educators and trainers engage students in lively group discussions -- online, in real time
Students have increased comprehension and enhanced understanding of topics
Online streaming reduces the need for video and audio tapes and is available 24-7
Integrated moderated chat rooms provide a forum for questions and answer sessions
Create live interactions between parties thousands of miles apart!
Host group training sessions for up to 1000 participants
Conferences can also be recorded and saved for review at a later time
Degrees or corporate training certificates can be earned
Compatable with any web browser platform and any Internet connection speed
Achieve greater comprehension with access to the entire web during training!

With Glancing, clear, real-time voice/video communications are now possible for virtually world-wide education. Instructors and students provide instant feedback engaing the online classroom as if it were in a single place. Whether it’s sharing charts, reseach or other educational materials, Glancing combines course content that can be pushed, graded, and reviewed through a white board. The benefits of the Glancing system are limitless.

Instructors have full control over dispersed content as well as conversations that take place in chat and white board rooms in association with courses. Questions are placed in the queue (whether vocalized or in text) and responded to at the instructors discretion.

No downloads
No software to configure
High quality broadcasts at low-bandwith
Access to 24/7 customer service and technical support

Glancing's service is integrated with the leading training and learning applications to offer you a complete solution that enables real-time voice/video, scheduling, text messaging, data sharing, and more.